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Long Tail Boat Koh Samui Thailand Over the last couple of decades Thailand has become one of the most popular traveling destinations in the world. Each year many thousands of people visit Thailand for a travel experience they do not easily forget. Why though is Thailand such a popular destination?  Probably the main reason for Thailand's popularity is its diversity - it doesn't matter which aspect of Thailand you consider, you are confronted by extremes wherever you look. Thailand has many types of landscape on offer. The mountainous regions of the north with its valleys filled with fogs and mists
Create a stark contrast to the plains of central and northern Thailand. Easter Thailand's plains and hills offer fertile land ripe for jungle and

agriculture, and as with  southern Thailand, offers some of the most attractive beaches and islands on the planet like Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Koh Tao, Krabi  and Phuket . Of course, all this nature is set against Thailand's metropolitan areas; Thailand is home to some major cities, Bangkok, the country's capital, certainly the largest and the most formidable.

Culturally, Thailand is equally diverse as its geography. Unlike other countries in the region, Thailand has never been colonized and its history and culture have remained intact to develop a natural course. A predominantly Buddhist country, Thailand is a place of ritual and practice which are not familiar to most visitors and enhance the country's exotic appeal. Influences throughout the country (Chinese influence in the north; Islamic influence in the south, etc.) add further to the intrigue Thailand generates. Some parts of country are home to hill tribes and traditional peoples whose traditional way of life remains untouched and present a fascinating insight into the development of this country.

Of course, Thailand's nightlife is legendary and a major attraction for visitors.  Night life (beach clubs, go go bars, etc.) on offer about the country has its place, but doesn't constitute even a fraction of what's on offer. Cabaret shows and entertainment areas abound, even in the country's less touristy areas. Of course, Thailand's restaurants and bars help complete an irresistible package with some of the best cuisine and entertainment available on earth.

Another reason for Thailand's popularity as a travel destination is likely its accessibility. Although steeped in tradition, history and culture, Thailand's infrastructure is one of the most modern in the region. Transport, banking, and telecommunications are all world class and help make even Thailand's remotest of regions convenient and easy places to visit. This accessibility helps Thailand draw a very diverse group of visitors to Thailand - Budget traveler, Business people taking Thai cooking and boxing courses..

By far one of the key reasons Thailand is such an attraction to visitors is the Thai people themselves. Thai people are blessed with a character and temperament that are often the exact opposite of those found in the 'western countries'. You see little in the way of confrontation between people here; the famous Thai smile replaces the temperament and aggression that might be shown elsewhere. Despite the hurry of modern life, Thais remain nice and calm amongst the turmoil creating a tranquility many visitors find infectious and an important part of their Thailand experience.
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