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Thai Water Ceremony


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The Thai Water Ceremony

a traditional Thai wedding ceremony Venue decoration in white and floral theme
Act of water blessing
Traditional Thai style neck garlands for bride & groom as well as 4 corsages for the parents
Manicure, pedicure
Massage treatment for the bride & groom at a Spa
Hair styling and make up for the bride & groom
All photos are also available on CD and Thai style crative photo album
Note : Thai wedding -  the engaged couple sit together and kneel over a bench and cup their hands over an ornate silver bowl filled with flowers, typically lotus flowers .A string is traditionally draped from the bride to the groom’s head, symbolizing their union. Guests of the wedding, usually led by the most respected elders in attendance, will take turns approaching the couple and pouring water from a conch shell over the hands of the engaged couple, and offer words of good luck.
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